Intimate Ecology is a holistic health service supporting people who experience health issues in the area of the vulva and vagina.

Unlike other approaches to this important part of anatomy Intimate Ecology addresses a range of factors that might be preventing you from experiencing liberation from chronic and recurrent symptoms.

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About Intimate Ecology

I’m Moira Bradfield, Founder of Intimate Ecology, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Educator with over 17 years clinical experience. I have a passion for helping people experience optimal health in sustainable and sensible ways.

Did you know that the impact of good vaginal health is not isolated to that area “down there”? Sure, ensuring that you don’t have unhealthy discharge is important but creating balance in the helpful microbial colonies that inhabit the
vagina can influence everything from menstruation, lubrication and sexual enjoyment, fertility outcomes and pregnancy as well as cellular health from the
vulva to the cervix (and perhaps beyond).

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About Intimate Ecology
What type of things can Intimate Ecology work with?

What type of things can Intimate Ecology work with?

Vaginal dysbioisis is a term that encompasses a disturbance to the microbial environment that inhabits the vagina. Vaginal dysbiosis doesn’t always present as infection, so the expanse of things that addressing vaginal microbial life can
influence is quite large to read about what this includes please press the link below.

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