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Are you a practitioner looking to up-skill your assessment skills and knowledge in the area of the vaginal microbiome and genitourinary health?

As an educator Dr. Moira Bradfield Strydom (PhD, Naturopath) offers a forum for Holistic practitioners to learn more about the vaginal microbiome and disorders of the genitourinary system. She also runs regular educational clinical training courses to upskill practitioners in their knowledge of these important health issues.

Twice a year Dr. Moira runs "Vagiversity" a six month education and mentoring program for practitioners who want to upskill in the world of genitourinary microbiome health. Enrolments for this course are communicated on the FB practitioner group Intimate Ecology Group and via email updates. The Intimate Ecology Group is a forum for practitioners to stay up to date with latest research and clinical experiences.

If you are a practitioner you can request access to the Intimate Ecology Group on facebook. You will be asked to provide evidence of your qualification.

Links to further education short courses in the Intimate Ecology Online School can be found below.

Mentoring is another way to upskill and support your clients. Details below. 


Accredited Intimate Ecologists and Members of the Human Microbiome Guild

Graduates of Vagiversity- Intimate Ecology's six month education and mentoring program can elect to join the Human Microbiome Guild and become an Accredited Intimate Ecologist. 

Accredited Intimate Ecologist's participate in ongoing clinical mentorship and focus meetings and are the preferred referral partners of Intimate Ecology. As members of the Human Microbiome Guild they are committed to sustainable stewardship of human microbiome niches such as the vaginal and urinary microbiome. You can view a list of the current Accredited members of the Human Microbiome Guild HERE


Education and Training

Interested in a Short Course or Clinical essentials download? Check out my available courses on replay. Join my online school and you can access FREE and paid courses.


Moira offers 1:1 mentoring in the area of vaginal and genitourinary health (including microbiome report interpretation) via online zoom. Click below to view mentoring information and book a session.

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