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Intimate Ecology is a sole practitioner run business, thats me (Moira). Fitting everyone in and maintaining my high level of caring service is a priority. To do this I have to limit the client load I take on. My clinic is 100% online with no physical premises. We meet in zoom. 



The diary will re-open 9am AEST March 21st 2024. At this time we will have additional Intimate Ecology practitioners who work closely with Dr. Moira to book in with as well. Appointments with will be for between April-July. You can stay up to date with appointment releases and special events via my mailing list HERE

If you reside outside of Australia or New Zealand please note: due to restrictions in indemnity insurance not all locations can be serviced (e.g NOT USA and Canada). 

Need help now? Intimate Ecology trains practitioners to work holistically in genitourinary care. You can find a list of Accredited Intimate Ecologists and their passions HERE

Return patients can book via the BOOKING LINK below-  if you are having difficulty booking a return consult please email, as not all slots will show up online for booking. Weekly spots are reserved for emergency and follow up appointments.


Intimate Ecology offers Naturopathic and Integrative health consultation online via secure video-conferencing technology.



Services & Pricing

Intimate Ecology Initial Naturopathic Appointment Online 1 Hour $270.00 AU

New client appointments CLOSED- WILL REOPEN 9am AEST MARCH 21st for April-July appointments. 

This appointment offers Naturopathic assessment in via online tele conferencing platform to aid you in understanding the influences on your current health condition.

This appointment offers thorough naturopathic assessment, case taking and problem solving. Appointment includes preliminary intervention plan presentation and recommendations, in addition to the preperation of a written plan which is emailed 3 working days after the consultation. Australian and New Zealand residents can book the $270 appointment. For people residing outside of these countries and additional $50AU charge applies to cover the time spent sourcing local therapeutic goods and recommendations. Please note Intimate Ecology can not work with clients in the USA and Canada at this time due to limitations on indemnity and liability for this geographic location. 

Booking fee of 20% at the time of booking is required to secure your booking. This is refundable if notice is given for cancellation within terms and conditions below. 

Intimate Ecology Return Appointment Online 30 minutes $110 AU

Return appointments are for checking in on intervention and progress. If you have testing for review in your return this needs to be forwarded prior to the ocnsultation. If you have a new condition or your health has changed dramatically it is suggested that you book a 1 hour extended return consultation ($220).

Returning clients: please enquire about booking pre paid appointment packages of 3 and 6 appointments and save.  

Vaginal Microbiome Test Analysis Review: non-client Online 20 minutes $150 AU

This is a 20 minute session for members of the public who are not clients of Intimate Ecology and would like input on previously completed vaginal microbiome testing. 

Vaginal microbiome testing is becoming more common place and analysis and relevance of the results are specific to an individual. Complexities of results also require a working understanding of the vaginal microbiome and its nuances. In this session you can receive analysis support for vaginal microbiome testing from one of Intimate Ecology's naturopaths. 

Testing needs to be completed and results received before the session. This is not a client consultation, and the session can not be used for anything other than vaginal microbiome test review. For legal reasons all attendees at a microbiome review session will need to fill in the Intimate Ecology intake questionnaire prior to their appointment. Due to the nature of the session participants receive general advice only. This can include referral suggestions, lifestyle advice, basic publicly available supplements and discussion on overall strategies to help them move forward in their health goals. Participants can be located anywhere globally. Custom herbal formulas can not be prescribed from this session.

Practitioners seeking case support should book a 30 minute mentoring appointment. 


Cancellation Policy

By booking a consultation with Intimate Ecology you are committing to an appointment or service as described by the booking page (online or mentoring).

Cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice. Less than 48hrs notice will incur a 50% service fee. Intimate Ecology will send an email invoice to recover this fee (minus booking fee if applicable).

Failure to attend an appointment without notice will incur a 100% appointment fee. Two non attendances without notice will block the ability to book online. You must contact the clinic to reactivate and pay outstanding invoices.

Please ensure you contact the clinic via email if you need to change or cancel a booking and can not do this through the online facility.

A reminder text is sent the day before your appointment. By proceeding with the booking you are agreeing the above terms and conditions and to receiving the text reminder. Invoices for new client appoointments are sent 4 days prior to appointment. Payment must be made before the appointment. 

The booking software and the collection of your details are via a secure network. Details are not shared with third parties, please refer to Privacy policy for more information on how your data is used. By supplying your email and phone number you are agreeing to be sent text message reminders for your appointment and to have your email used by the clinician for communication of both a specific clinical and personal nature and in larger group communications of specials and promotions.

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