Clinical FAQ

Many people are embarrassed to talk about their personal and intimate health. Moira has a lot of experience dealing with these issues and always ensures you are comfortable. If parts of your health history are particularly personal or traumatic then it is up to you how much you share. However the best results are often achieved when all the information is known.

Moira emails all new Intimate Ecology clients an electronic intake questionnaire. This questionnaire covers a lot of the essential details about vaginal health that might be embarrassing for you to be asked in person. The information on this form is then used to refine your consult. Supplying any personal information on this form might make it a little more comfortable for you in the consult.

As a health professional all information you provide is private and confidential. No information is shared with a third party without your written consent. In these instances it is usually in the form of a referral or shared care.

Intimate Ecology offers online consults for distance clients. Your eligibility for this is dependant on where you are located and if you have had some essential testing/examinations done (Some restrictions apply to US/Canada). Please send through a booking enquiry to bookings@intimateecology.com.au with your location and a brief outline of your condition. We will be in contact to let you know if we can help.

The frequency of your appointments is dependant on a number of factors. For most a follow up will be scheduled within 3 weeks of their first appointment. After that appointments can be scheduled from fortnightly to monthly. If you have been given an intervention that requires more regular check ups Moira will let you know. Usually when working with hormones and intimate health we work on a monthly cycle.

The answer is, it depends. If it’s a quick one line enquiry to do with the logistics of prescription then usually a quick email will be answered. If you have a few questions or if you have experienced something that would require a discussion then it is recommended you book a follow up consult 30 minutes to go over your concerns and care.

If things up come up between your appointments that are not urgent please make a note of them on your phone or on paper and you can discuss them at your next scheduled appointment.

At Intimate Ecology we try and keep our prices reasonable and still reflective of the care and effort that goes into the assessment of your health. Because of this we currently don’t offer discounts. If finances are a little tight please mention this in your initial consultation. Moira will be able to tailor your prescription and follow up schedule to take this into account. Taking finances into consideration may mean that your care is slightly modified and as such it may take longer to achieve optimal results. In all cases cost of treatment is taken into account, care also encompasses dietary and lifestyle change which often has the biggest impact and costs the least.

Yes. Moira works with many clients already under the care of a Naturopath. In these instances she requests that your current practitioner write a referral letter outlining your current care and protocols. The healthcare Intimate Ecology provides is more as a specialist than your primary Naturopath. With your permission Moira informs the practitioner of her suggested protocols and anything identified they need to support you in. You continue to see your Naturopath as usual and then check in with Moira every few months. Your practitioner can contact Moira if they have any concerns with the shared care.

Yes, there is still many things we can improve and many safe interventions that can be implemented. Being aware of what pharmaceuticals you are taking may change the protocol and suggestions slightly however there is always something that we can work on that will improve your situation. In your initial consultation you will be asked about any current pharmaceutical and supplemental medications. If you have complex pharmaceutical protocols Moira asks that you provide details of this prior to you consult.

If you have symptoms that have not been tested medically such as discharge, bleeding or pain then it is suggested that you visit your medical provider for testing. If you have had recent testing or assessment it is useful to supply the results of these to Moira in your initial consultation. In your time together Moira will let you know if further testing is required and how you can access this testing.

As a holistic therapist Moira combines mainstream pathology testing with some functional testing which helps to understand your overall health.

Currently there is a public webinar in Cytolytic Vaginosis educational course for members of the public. Moira is developing more resources for clients to help them on their health journey. If you want to stay up to date on these developments please sign up to the mailing list.

Practitioner Education FAQ

Usually yes. Every prospective member of the practitioner education support group is required to answer two questions. Please supply your qualification name and education establishment to be assessed for entry to the group. Decisions are made on a case by case basis.

Yes, you will be required to answer the two questions on entry. Please list your year of study, discipline and education establishment. As a student member it is expected that you mostly observe on the page unless adding comment on something which you have personal experience with. The page is a good place to learn about aspects of health you may not be taught in the current standard syllabus.

The best way to stay up to date on what is on offer, Early Bird Specials, free bonuses and educational events is to subscribe to the practitioner mailing list. You can do this by signing up for a copy of the FREE e-book on Vaginal Pessary Manufacturing. Being a member of the Facebook practitioner page and following me on social media will also expose you to some events.

Most of the Intimate Ecology courses are eligible for CPD/CPE. You may need to check with your association body to see what they award CPD for, as the breakdown is different for every association e.g some will provide points for reading research and others only direct interaction/audiovisual training. The LIVE FB trainings and YouTube videos which occur with regularity on the practitioner page are not eligible for CPD/CPE points.

Every formal education event supplies a certificate of completion with the breakdown of the hours on it for you to submit to your association. In some instances Intimate Ecology has negotiated specific CPD points with the most prominent Australian complementary medicine associations, you will be notified of this in the promotional material.

Please read the guidelines of your association to gauge if you can claim my courses.

Intimate Ecology has a few different options which may suit you.

Formal Mentoring:

Moira offers formal mentoring in person, via distance audiovisual calls or via email exchange which may be suitable for you. Client consent is usually required even if sharing de-identified information. You can find out about the mentoring options by sending an email to enquiries@intimateecology.com.au.

There are a variety of formats available depending on the support required.

If your ready to book a mentoring appointment you can do so in the Education part of this website.

Education Short Course:

Alternatively you may find the answer to your questions in one of the Intimate Ecology short courses which can be purchased through the Intimate Ecology Teachable school. Please check out the Education link on this website for more information.


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