Vaginal Microbiome in everyday female health.

Join Australian Naturopath Moira Bradfield from Intimate Ecology and Dr. Shania Lee as they discuss how the vaginal microbiome changes over a lifespan and what may be affecting it. Did you know how important the bacterial balance in your vagina is?

Vaginal Itch and Pain. Are you asking the right questions? A discussion on clinical assessment.

Not everything that itches vaginally is thrush. Thinking about the many things a gynaecological itch could be is important for the correct diagnosis and treatment. So never assume.
Without thorough questioning and assessment you could be treating the wrong thing.

Cytolytic Vaginosis

Naturopath and vaginal microbiome practitioner Moira Bradfield discusses the presentation and some treatment strategies for the lesser known Cytolytic Vaginosis, a cause of vaginal discharge that presents like thrush but is in fact caused by an overgrowth of Lactobacilli and an overproduction of acidic metabolites.

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