About Moira



Moira Bradfield (she/her)

Over the last 16 years Moira has been involved in the education and development of many of Australia’s Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Acupuncturists through her role as an educator with leading educational institutions.

In the last year she has focussed her educational and presenting skills on ensuring that vaginal and intimate health of all clientele is considered in clinical practice. Discarding taboos and investigating.

As an experienced educator and presenter Moira:

  • Provides regular professionally recognised Intimate Ecology training on the vaginal and genitourinary microbiomes
  • Mentors individual practitioners on complex cases
  • Facilitates an educational social media group of over 2000 members which provides relevant, recent and research based information to holistic and integrative practitioners. Join Intimate Ecology Group.
  • Presents at indépendant educational seminars, webinars and events discussing sexual health, vaginal microbes and holistic care strategies
  • Is a PhD candidate at Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia, focussing on clinical interventions for Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (RVVC)/Recurrent thrush and their effect on the vaginal microbiome

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