Professional Clinical Mentoring with Dr. Moira Bradfield Strydom (PhD, Naturopath) from Intimate Ecology

I've been in clinical practice for over 20 years so I know the benefit of brainstorming a tough or difficult case to gain fresh perspective and insight.

Sometimes being to close to a case can make us blind to things that are quite obvious or sometimes we just need a nudge to know that we are on track.

As part of my involvement in education I offer formal mentoring to students and professionals on vaginal health cases that need that little bit of extra input.

Mentoring takes place online with video calling (zoom).


1/2 hour session $120

Video conferencing

Connect with me for a 1/2 hour Zoom consultation to go over your case and troubleshoot.  Book via the online booking link HERE

If you need to organise another day email to organise a time that suits us both (usually out of hours).

How do I prepare?

For all mentoring sessions it is advantageous to provide a case summary in whatever form suits you, written verbal, schematic or emailed.

In video conferencing  you can address more than one case however you are need to keep to the time frame, so keep it succinct.
Mentoring is not transferable to other people.

All information supplied in mentoring is based on clinical experience, personal research and current understanding. The mentoring is a discussion between two professionals. Any advice offered will still need to be assessed by the primary clinician as being suitable before implementing, based on their understanding of the case. As the clients are not assigned to Moira Bradfield she is not liable for any part of their care.  Practitioners are encouraged to follow up on information provided in mentoring and assess suitability for their client. It is suggested that you seek client consent to discuss their de-identified case with a mentor. All mentoring sessions are confidential and confined to the Moira and the mentee.

If you are seeking information about your own health and are a practitioner I would suggest booking a Naturopathic consultation rather than a mentoring session.

Need more information? please email

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